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451 Degrees
The Temperature at which Paper Burns

451 Degrees started in 2006 as a social media and marketing company. We created content and our own social media platform to host it. We started to catch on. At the same time, we developed technology to analyze user generated comments and dissect conversational trends. It turns out our social media platform couldn’t compete with other sites (cough Facebook cough), but we uncovered what consumer engagement on social media was truly about. We created a tool to convert the vast amount of comment “noise” into tangible, valuable data.

Using Machine Learning, AI, and Natural Language Processing, we convert digital comments associated with articles, products, posts, images, videos, or music files into useable data. Our SaaS tools do it automatically, in real time. The practical applications for this technology in both ad tech and brand safety are boundless. So we shifted our focus from social media & marketing to technology services. We provide SaaS solutions that analyze and monetize user generated content.

Meet the Team

Patrick Giblin

Founder & CEO

Brendan Shean


Jake Jacoby

Product Development

James Guerra

Business Development