451 Degrees “Graffiti” : Next-generation application delivery network that automatically optimizes content in real-time by analyzing user generated comments to enhance engagement, SEO, search traffic, and online advertising sales.

Enter, Graffiti.

For a very long time “crowd noise” or comments were labeled “junk” and useless. Now these sound bites are proving to be very valuable and yet they are hard to manage and comprehend due to the shear volume and unpredictability. Graffiti, a new SaaS application, provides our customers an Internet based tool to leverage and manage publisher content, converting consumer comments, conversations and trends into valuable data as they happen in REAL TIME. Graffiti drives increased content discovery across the web and provides a concise, valuable and tangible meaning to consumer generated commentary aimed at optimizing content SEO, enhancing consumer engagement and creating revenue generating opportunities.

Optimize Your Content and Comments In Real Time Using Big Data Technology!


We want our customers and strategic partners to gain a basic understanding of how our SaaS application Graffiti might work for their business and although we prefer to show you how it works (Contact Us For A Demo) here is a quick summary to get you started.

What Does Graffiti Do?

Graffiti’s patented technology analyzes consumer comments attached to all types of content such as Video, Articles, Images, and Music files. Graffiti populates the most frequently mentioned words and uploads them as new and relevant keywords into your content metadata helping to streamline and optimize content discovery and SEO management across the web. This is done AUTOMATICALLY and in REAL TIME – reducing the strain on human capital while increasing consumer experience and engagement.

Who Is Using Graffiti?

News & Media Publications

Online Content Providers

Real Time Bidding Systems

Consumer Brands

Ad Delivery Networks

Demand Side Providers


Benefits of Graffiti:

Improve content SEO on Video, Articles, Images, and Music Files

Convert consumer commentary into valuable data and site analytics

Enhance user engagement and consumer interaction

Generate opportunities for additional revenues

Establish business controls to achieve internal goals

How Does Graffiti Do That?

Graffiti is smart, really smart. Graffiti harnesses powerful technology to create real actionable value by leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence and latent semantic techniques. We understand that today’s consumer is savvy and our customers will need to keep up with their changing tastes and trends in content. Graffiti is a scalable and customizable solution that can help you achieve the goals you set for your business and consumer.


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Why Did We Build Graffiti To Do All This?

Today’s web, Web 3.0, is all about consumer engagement and now more than ever, consumers are consistently and actively engaging with online content and those that produce it. Graffiti provides our customers a web based software platform necessary to efficiently monitor and leverage the 100’s or 1,000’s of comments left by consumers on commenting platforms. Graffiti automatically cranks out valuable information to enhance your content SEO in addition to providing our customers the opportunity to evaluate their consumer and business at a granular level.

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