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Protect Your Brand with Graffiti

Where you advertise matters. Graffiti by 451 Degrees ensures digital platforms are safe for brands and agencies. Whether you place an ad next to an article, product, post, image, video, or music file, Graffiti makes sure your brand won’t be damaged by the related content, comments, or reviews.

We value consumer privacy. Graffiti is GDPR compliant—we don’t use Cookies, User IDs, or mobile tracking.

Read Every Word

There are millions of comments on content websites and social networks posted every day. A piece of harmless content can quickly turn toxic based on the conversations around it.  What people say online can create dangerous associations for brands and agencies. Using Machine Learning, AI, and Natural Language Processing, Graffiti reads every single word in real time, giving it safe and useful purpose. If an online conversation associated with your brand veers toward risky territory, you’ll be the first to know about it.

For Agencies

We ensure your clients’ ads are safe from damaging associations online.


For News & Media Publications

We make digital ad space on your site a safer place for advertisers from END to END, content through the comments.

For Consumer Brands

You place ads all over the internet. We make sure digital content is safe, even as it evolves and changes. Let’s protect your brand together.


For Real Time Bidding Systems

We read user comments in real time. You sell ad space in real time. High-five. Let’s talk.

For Ad Delivery Networks

We increase the CPM’s throughout your content by creating safe placements and new inventory. And it’s all FREE to publishers.

For Online Content Providers

You sell ad space on your site. We make digital space a safer place for advertisers.

Brand Safety Solutions

Brand safety is a modern day necessity—especially online. Most of the danger occurs on Comment Platforms. With simple API construction to current Comment Platforms and Ad Delivery Networks, Graffiti reads every single word of every single comment, delivering unprecedented brand safety. Graffiti eliminates associations with harmful comments and content—automatically, in real time.


Screen content AND comments in real time.


Shield your brand from damaging associations online.


Ensure your ads land in content and comments that are relevant AND brand safe.



Boost ad revenues and SEO by leveraging content AND comment data.



Create new content based on audience engagement. Predict what they want by analyzing content AND comment data.


Enrich user engagement and consumer interaction.


Create new opportunities for additional revenue.


Prevent associations with harmful comments and their related content.


Read every word, giving it safe and useful purpose.

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