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Patrick Giblin

Founder & CEO

Pat Giblin has spent the past 15 years as an Entrepreneur. After leaving University of San Diego Law School in 1996 and beginning a start up called Giblin was instrumental in raising $8.2 Million in Capital. We developed the largest Internet based golf reservation system using a HITUS compliant XML Interface. achieved a valuation of $252 Million. It was while at, Giblin found interest in the way Media companies did not respect the power of their next frontier, the Internet.

After TheGolfer, Giblin focused his attention on the E-Media marketplaces of Radio and Television, spending two years at Entravision Communications. Giblin then established 451 Degrees in 2003. 451 Degrees began as a Consulting business for new technologies and business methods revolving around the Internet as they related to Media Company agendas. He has worked for the following Television Networks: Univision, Telemundo, UPN, Fox, NBC and Cox Cable and Media. The main focus was building strategies within the Web and understanding the Media Advertising and Sales Marketplace. While with Fox, he launched the first Internet based rewards program featuring the use of TV and Internet in a symphony of engagement for viewers and advertisers centered around rewards based on keywords dropped in programs. It was very successful and is still running 10 years later.

Giblin then scripted the framework of the first Patent of 451 Degrees, 8,055,688, which was awarded on November 8, 2011. It focuses on the use of User Generated Comments for stronger Search Engine Optimization and Advertising as they relate to any piece of content such as articles, images, videos and music files. This began the focus towards launching 451’s first software solution, Graffiti. He has since been awarded a second Patent (8,126,963) and has several others pending approval. Giblin has been working on 451 Degrees full time since 2004, as a consultant, video production company, web development company, social media consultant and software developer. At this time, the sole focus of the company is Graffiti, a SaaS that can change the power of posts and comments through the web.

Giblin did his undergraduate studies at University of San Diego achieving a double major in History and Political Science. He is also a native San Diegan who aspires to see a better Eco-System of Start Ups achieved in his hometown. He is still active in the soccer community and has been part of one of the most successful clubs in the United States – The Nomads. He enjoys taking his dog Charlie, a Mini Aussie, to herd sheep once a week. He is a bad shepherd (@patgiblin) with a good dog named Charlie (@myownersucks).